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There is nothing like the feeling of elation after you know you ace'd your interview.  

Or, maybe you gave it your best shot but fell short.  

Either way or in between, this is the perfect place, to share your experience.  Take a few minutes to answer any or all of the questions below in the comments section.  

All comments will be reviewed for appropriateness before being posted and your name/user id will not appear anywhere in website.  This is your chance to give real and honest feedback in a completely anonymous way!

1.  What company were you interviewed by and which location?

2.  What position were you being considered for?

3.  What kind of interview was it?  i.e., phone, first round in person, final, etc.?

4.  How were you treated by the company before, during, and after the interview?

5.  What was your general impression of the company?

6.  Please share some of the interview questions.

7.  Do you think you'll get an offer and if so, do you think you'll accept?




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