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Questions I was asked for Adwords Representative Interview

  1. Give me a runthrough of your resume?
  2. What do you know about Google?
  3. What do you know about Adwords?
  4. What do you understand about your job profile?
  5. How you fit into that role?
  6. Are you willing to give up the role of a team leader and creative writer to be an Adword Representative?
  7. How do you think this position can help your job profile?
  8. If Adwords was not associated with Google, would you have accepted the position?
  9. Yahoo and Microsoft has similar positions, why do you want to join Google only?
  10. You say you want a change in your career and use more of your skills, what other job profiles do you think would have suited you?
  11. What is your biggest failure in life?
  12. Have you been in a position when one of your colleagues did not do his share of work? How did you handle the situation?
  13. Suppose there is a project going on in full swing and two of your colleagues just fall sick, how will you handle the position?
  14. If you had to sell the job of Adwords Representative to a friend, what would you say to them?
  15. Tell me about a situation where just couldn't get along with one of your team members. What did you do?
  16. Have you ever faced a situation you didn't like at job? How did you face it?
  17. Do you have any questions to ask?
  18. Besides what HR sent you, what did you do to research about the position?
  19. What Google services you have used till date? Choose one of them and tell what change would you like to make in it?
  20. Your company generates revenue through Adsense. What kind of ads show up on your webpage? Why do you think Indian ads do not show up on your website's page?
  21. Do you know any of the Google terms and policies regarding Adwords?
  22. What did you liked about Google? Do you like the peole here?
  23. Which interviewer you liked the best? Why?
  24. Google has a flat system with not much vertical hierarchy system. It is based on meritocracy. If a person joins 6 months after you and becomes your mentor in a year, how would you handle the situation?
  25. Are you comfortable not having a vertical ladder to move on?
  26. At Google, you may have to deal with people who are freshers and ones who are much more qualified than you are. How will you balance out the situation and maintain relationships with all of them?
  27. You say you are flexible, adaptable and client-friendly. How? Give examples.
  28. What do you mean by people skills?
That's all that I can remember for now.
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