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If you are interviewing for a new job you will significantly improve your chances if you avoid eight deadly errors.

Some people lose a job before they even get it, simply because they handle themselves poorly during the interview. When your chance comes, you will want to put your best foot forward. To help you do that, remember these eight guidelines:

1. Don't try to tell your prospective employer how to run his business. That is not likely to impress him. Be patient and diplomatic. Besides, they must be doing something right if they have a job to offer.

2. Don't criticize your previous company or the people you worked with. Bad-mouthing others doesn't make you look better; it makes you look bad.

3. Don't be unduly modest. Speak u[ positively about your strong points. Don't brag or boast, just tell it straight and emphasize your contribution.

4. Don't volunteer information about your weaknesses or shortcomings. If you are asked be honest, but don't be too harsh on yourself either.

5. Don't ask about salary or benefits in the first interview. You don't want to risk making the impression that you are more interested in the money than in the work.

6. Don't ask too many questions. Be particularly careful not to put the interviewer on the spot.

7. Don't be late for your appointment. There is never a good enough excuse. No employer would trust a man who is late.

8. Don't dress poorly. Dress appropriately for the occasion; not underdressed, and not overdressed.

Avoiding these eight blunders during an interview can help highlight your positive points and improve your chances of being hired.

Wishing u all good luck :)
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