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If you’ve gotten through the first job interview and you’re moving on toward the second one, the odds of being hired have just gone up. With that in mind, you really want to be prepared for that second job interview. The questions will be tougher and things will be more complex in a second interview. Make sure that you dress appropriately and that you are on time. You probably did that for the first interview, too, but make sure you do it for the second one, since that’s likely going to be where the final decision is made about hiring you or hiring someone else who presented himself or herself better. If you find that you’ll be late for your interview for any reason, call ahead. Let someone know. That’s much more responsible than breezing in the door fifteen minutes after your scheduled appointment time and saying you’re sorry you’re late but traffic was bad, etc.

Another thing you should do is make sure you know about the company before you go to that second interview. You can’t know everything, but you can Google the company and read what is said about it. You can visit its Website if it has one. You can also see if it has a Wikipedia entry. If it’s a big company, it probably does - and some smaller companies do, too. While it’s never wise to believe everything you read on the Internet, this kind of information will give you a lot of knowledge about the company overall, and you’ll notice things that don’t match up properly. If you’ve done anything very important in between a first and second interview, such as received an award or completed your degree, be sure to update your resume and bring the new one to your interview. There’s no shame in letting your potential employer know that you’re still moving forward with your goals. It shows your desire to work, and that’s important. Ultimately, relax and be honest at a second interview. Think about what kind of salary you’re really looking for, and know what’s common for that position. You might be asked about it. Honest answers are very important for success.

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