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Apparently, scoring an interview with Google—and making all the way to final stages of the evaluation process—is enough to get some attention online. That’s what happened to erstwhile blogger Peteris Krumins, who summed up the challenging telephone and in-person questions and relatively posh life as a Google applicant like with “It was also nice that Google paid for my trip, hotel, cab and food. I had zero expenses!” and:

Overall the Google interviews were pure fun for me. The interview questions were technical but not very challenging or difficult.

Thanks for the opportunity Google!

Looks like Mr. Krumins didn’t get the job, being told that he needed more experience for such a “mission-critical” position. But his straightforward and clear narration is very worth the read for any Google fans out there, as it provides a sneak peek into a small facet of the company’s operations. At the very least, we know Google’s willing to pay for the Latvian’s round-trip, lodging and food while he was on-site! Also, the comments, divided between haters, encouragers, and neutral opiners, is also worth some attention.

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