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Q: What should I expect from a phone interview with Google?
I have a phone interview which I never done this kind of interview by phone. What should I expect? Learn? Prepare?

Any tip may help.
A: First of all, congratulations on having the opportunity to work at a top company...

You must have very attractive credentials on paper. 

I believe you live in Austria.  I think Google is headquartered in Mountain View, CA with offices all over the world.

There are a couple reasons well run corporations conduct telephone interviews.

  • It provides them with a cost-effective way to screen you, without having to pay to fly you to Milan, Zürich, or the US for an in person interview.
  • It offers the HR function the opportunity to gather basic information about you and do a high level corporate fit test. Be sure you are fluent in your strengths and "weaknesses". Make yourself focused about where you want to be in 5 years...whether you are or not. Think of the 2-3 top things that you bring to the table.  Be sure they come out in the Q&A somehow.  And, prepare 3-5 good questions you want answered by them.  You may only get time to ask one. Make it a good one.

If you pass this first screen, you will be interviewed by someone in the area/function in which you would be working.  These interviews can sometimes also be done by telephone, especially if the candidate who looks attractive on paper lives far away.

Eventually, you will be brought in for face to face meetings, possibly supplemented by videoconference interviews.

I don’t know the type of job you are interviewing for--business? engineering? staff? etc.?  But, Google has a reputation for hiring the best and the brightest. 

On the phone, they have the ability to evaluate how well you communicate and how you think.  Depending upon how important the latter is, they have the ability to give you "brainteasers" or cases to solve.  Typically, solving the problem is secondary to seeing how you structure your solutions and go about problem solving.

Don’t be nervous. It will help you to prepare for the interview.  Show that you have done your research into the company and in particular into the division in which you are hoping to work.  Do what you can to find out specifics about Google’s recruiting process from other Google candidates who have gone through it successfully.  Perhaps there are alumni from your university employed there.  Speak to them.

Hals und Beinbruch! (not literally, of course...) Viel Glück!

Sources: decades of interviewing experience on both sides of the desk
Q: What is the protocol after a phone interview? Do I write a thank you note/email?
I know that after a regular job interview, one should write a thank you note. Should a thank you note be written after a phone interview? Also, is it acceptable to send an email thank you note if you do not have the person's work......
A: Definately

Speaking from Human Resources experience, something as small as a thank you will make a huge impression.  It's not much effort on your part, and it will help solidify a phone conversation in the minds of the interviewers and company.

I myself would never do a formal letter after a phone interview or phone screen, but e-mail is perfect. 

Also, keep it short and sweet.  Thank them for the opportunity, not the interview (this keeps it positive).  If by some chance you can put a quick sentance in that personalizes the thank you, do it . If you spoke with the interviewer about something non-interview related, making a light, one sentance comment about it is fine.  Something you would say to your grandmother or pastor/priest/reverend will be the test on appropriateness.


Mr. Smith -


Thank you for the phone conversation and the opportunity, and looking forward to the next step of the process.  Hope that your Cubs make it past this weekend!




Employee X


One last thing:  Stay away from animated e-mails, backgrounds, and use a general font (Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica, etc.) 

Q: Do you care about A ‘Dream’ Come True?: US Approves The First Google Phone!
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A: Google seems to be a company
that is determined in dominating the technology market.

I don't care about their phone, but I can imagine it giving a run for its money to Blackberry and iPhone.

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