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Many factors are weighed in during an interview. Technical proficiency and problem solving skills are usually pretty high up there. The ability to communicate and interact with people is also a must. Those factors pretty much sum up a huge portion of the hiring criteria. One smaller, but sometimes important factor is style of dress. What is acceptable dress for an interview at Google?

Shirt, tie, slacks
I honestly don't think you can go wrong with this combination. It is dressy, yet you aren't wearing a jacket, so its right there in the middle. you don't want to look like you're coming off the street, nor do you want to look way too formal. Tread the middle.

Ask the HR person
This is actually a very easy solution. HR is usually pretty personal and easy to talk to. They can give you a recommendation of what the normal interview attire is, especially what's acceptable, what's too dressed, whats under-dressed.

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