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A friend of mine has been interviewing for a job at Google. So far the tale has proven both interesting and amusing. But the thing that strikes me most of all (of that which I'm allowed to hear about, of course) is how many interviews--or rounds of interviews have transpired so far.

I think the count is five or six so far.

I used to think that three was the norm. One or two via phone and then one or two on-site. But it seems that Google (at least in this case) is a bit more extreme than some companies. In this case it's something like 3 by phone and 3 on-site.

I may have the numbers off by a bit, but you get the idea. I wonder how much time, on average, they spend interviewing each person. It's gotta be pretty high.

Oh, wait. I remember reading about that somewhere recently... Wonder if Google can help me figure out where.

(time goes by)

I give up. Can't find it. I know it was a magazine piece. Maybe Forbes, Fortune, Wired, Fast Company... Someone like that. But I'll be damned if I can come up with the right keywords to locate it again. And I use too many browsers to try going digging through the history on each of 'em.

Anyone know which article I'm talking about?

Well, just don't think too hard about the fact that I can't find a particular piece of information about a search engine using that search engine--even though I know it's out there somewhere.

Update: That was fast. As you'll notice in the comments, Gregory Williams found the story I was remembering.

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Kimball on 3/28/2003 12:23 AM i just finished the yahoo inteview yesterday held in coimbatore.
i got to the third round of interview yesterday.
but could not nmake it to the final programming contest to be held in bangalore.
one , ms.sindhu working at yahoo bangalore interviewed me. can i get her mail id by any means to get a feedback on my performance.
since u said u r in yahoo i think u could help me. it will be so nice of u if u could do this help to me.
my email id :vijayreceivesmail@yahoo.co.uk
Driscoll on 3/28/2003 2:41 AM When I interviewed there (about three years ago), i went through five rounds of interviews. The main reason was that every time i was there, half of the engineers (and once the HR person) that i was supposed to speak to weren't around.
Denley on 3/28/2003 4:59 AM A very interesting article indeed. Read in in the print version. This comment has no substance, but what the heck. *click*
Carver on 3/28/2003 7:17 AM hmm... you should come and visit the Yahoo! bangalore office. I think minimum is 10 rounds of interview.. with 4 - 5 of them being face to face.

When I joined Yahoo, I had to go though 5 rounds.. before I was taken in.

In my group... we are looking for a new person.. but no one is making it beyond the telephone round.
Stallone on 3/28/2003 9:35 AM How Google Grows:

Google spends more time on hiring than on anything else. It knows this because, like any bunch of obsessive engineers, it keeps track. It says that it gets 1,500 resumes a day from wanna-be Googlers. Between screening, interviewing, and assessing, it invested 87 Google people-hours in each of the 300 or so people that it hired in 2002.

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