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If you want to get hired at Google (Nasdaq GOOG), expect 1) 5 interviews with staff members "each candidate offered a job by Google went through 5.1 in-person interviews on average in June, down from 6.2 at the beginning of the year. (A veteran tech recruiter says five to eight interviews is probably about average for Silicon Valley... [More]
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My hands are still shaking while I announce that I just got a phone call from Google Ireland Ltd. The lady, a Recruitment Coordinator of Google Ireland, told me that I had passed a test that I had submitted two days ago. I had expected an e-mail as response, so I was shocked to get a phone call, and so swiftly. There will be a real job i... [More]
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Job Title: AdSense Coordinator - EU Headquarters Department Overview: "Online Sales and Operations in Dublin". Job Description: AdSense Coordinator - EU Headquarters, Dublin, Ireland Are y... [More]
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Few things inspire as much dread and anxiety as the interview process. This screening process, which precedes any job in our industry, is of debatable value. It’s the worst kind of test: subjective, non-repeatable, and entirely qualitative. If the interview was a computer program, it’d be a thousand lines of spaghetti code held tog... [More]
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We were watching Rocketboom’s vlog last night and came across this really interesting story about Google’s hiring process. It is by Pete Abilla on his blog schmula - you can find the post here. Pete is a blogger and mathematician that works for Myfamily.com in Provo, Utah about his 2 days of interviews with Google last year. He tu... [More]
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You've used your killer resume to land an interview with a great company. Now how should you go about preparing? Of the 300+ software engineers I interviewed for Google (and previously Microsoft), some of them really shone, and others seemed ill-prepared. Many of the ill-prepared ones still got offers because they're obviously st... [More]
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12/20/2006 Update: You might be interested in this ajaxy, draggable timeline of acquisitions completed by Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Enjoy! 8/23/2006 Update: I capitalize now — have been for several months. Enough readers gave me crap that I decided to capitalize. Also, the position was originally a full-time, well-paying position... [More]
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Okay, there is no part one here on foo.ca, but a month ago when the first contact happened, there was really nothing to say of any importance; even at this point there’s nothing much that can be said. Not because there is anything secret happening, but simply because it’s pretty typical job interview stuff. I was nervous that I... [More]
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Well, I have heard time and time again, and experienced myself, that getting a job at Google is a long, slow, frustratingly mysterious process that takes weeks, if not months, in most cases. Typically, you’ll submit a resume for a position, get called two months later for an entirely different position, get a phone screen, then two weeks... [More]
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Tuesday I had a very interesting telephone interview with Google. I had sent my resume to Google a few weeks ago - not because I really wanted to work for Google but rather I was really bored at work and was curious to see if I would get noticed. I guess I did and that was surprising. The interview was scheduled via e-mail for Tuesday at... [More]
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Apropos of Mr. Jeff Barr’s experience with Google, I too found Google rather GPA-centric. I was directed to a position in their advertising department by a friend for an entry-level AdWords position. A day later I was contacted by the recruiter and followed that up with a phone interview (presumably to make sure I wasn’t a weirdo/psycho... [More]
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Back in october 2005, i interviewed with google, for a position with google print. my interview was over 2 days, on 10/12/2005 and 10/13/2005. i didn’t do much to prepare for the interview, except read-up on all the google print controversy regarding the n lawsuits against google print. unlike most companies that fly their candidates out... [More]
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I will talk about the "toughness" later (go to the bottom). Let me get something off my chest first. Google made me an offer, but I am still bitter at how they treated me. Go figure how bad their dealing with me must have been. To be fair, the people who interviewd me on the phone and on site seemed quite competent and fair. A... [More]
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With Google positioning itself to be "the new Microsoft" - to be understood as gaining a place in the mind of the SEC, the media, the developer community, the business student, rivals, and prospective employees as the most popular/dominant/challenged/feared/innovative software company in all the land - it's no far reach to say th... [More]
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I had a phone interview with Google today. I took notes; some of the questions they asked were interesting. We were allowed to ask questions. The interviewer didn't ask many questions in response to my answers, except to occasionally say "interesting". There's almost certainly more than one answer to each of these, and a few a... [More]
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Although I have not succeeded with the getting-hired-at-Google thing I have had my crack at it a few times and have survived to write about it. I occasionally hear from others about to try it, and they want to know if I have any advice. Here’s my modest wisdom on the subject of interviewing well at Google. Question: I have an inte... [More]
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A short warning: There is a lot more information here than what is just about Google. Specifically, possibly boring details of plane travel, Bay area real estate, etc. Feel free to skip sections that don't sound like they interest you. By skipping sections you'll miss a few little details that are in the section that might be more inter... [More]
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Back in late 2001, after I lost my job with Tellme, I looked for work at, among other places, Google. I had long been impressed with Google, which by all accounts offers a great working environment. And like me, they were also in Mountain View. I submitted my resumé and a recruiter contacted me and said they had a Junior position availa... [More]
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Someone in the forum who wants to stay anonymous but says he’s a Google employee writes: “I regret to inform you that Mark Jen was fired from Google on Friday, January 28th. I don’t have any details, but I can tell you that he was quietly let go. An e-mail was sent out to the entire company, letting us know that the matter... [More]
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1. No phone screening interview with HR staff. 2. Direct phone interview with interviewers, mainly existing Product Managers 3. Questions include -Why do you want to join Google? -What do you know about Google's product and technology -If you are Product Manager for Google's Adwords, how do you plan to market this? -What w... [More]
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A web-friend of mine just interviewed for a tech lead position at Google. Here’s a (slightly tidied up and anonymized) version of their experiences: Most of my work, at least at the start, should be in “production software”–googlese for the software that helps keep Google’s amazingly huge distributed system run... [More]
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So, I had an interview scheduled with Google today and I just cancelled it. I had a phone interview a week or so ago and today was when I was supposed to go down for the famous four hour Google-grilling and I just decided that I really didn't want to subject myself to it. I highly doubt I'd get a job there anyways if they were judging m... [More]
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A friend of mine has been interviewing for a job at Google. So far the tale has proven both interesting and amusing. But the thing that strikes me most of all (of that which I'm allowed to hear about, of course) is how many interviews--or rounds of interviews have transpired so far. I think the count is five or six so far. I use... [More]