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A couple years ago, there were some HR trolls or maybe some some resume bots that figured out that I went to MIT and that I was a software engineer from my blog (yes, this one). A recruiter from Google emailed me asking me whether I'd be interested in a position at Google. Um yes, isn't that every software developer's dream? That i... [More]
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I’m mostly happy with my day job. Actually not mostly, I’M HAPPY with my day job. Therap is a fun place to work for Software Developers in Bangladesh, and it has a unique culture which is seldom seen, specially in IT industries in Bangladesh. So unless I feel like juggling with my career, or someone from Mars offers me a job with a ... [More]
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I thought it might be useful to collect some of the questions I or my friends have been asked over the years. I've had a number of jobs in the computer industry with the side effect that I've been to a lot of interviews. Obviously these are all centered around Linux System Administration since that's my profession. So to dive r... [More]
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1. How many golf balls can fit in a school bus? 2. You are shrunk to the height of a nickel and your mass is proportionally reduced so as to maintain your original density. You are then thrown into an empty glass blender. The blades will start moving in 60 seconds. What do you do? 3. How much should you charge to wash all the windows i... [More]
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A friend of mine had an interview a couple weeks ago with Google Inc. He provided me a list of just some of the questions he was asked. I’ve added a few more from others I have talked to who had interviews with the internet giant, Google, as well. See if you can answer them. Many are open ended with several right answers, therefore I did ... [More]
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Earlier this year a friend of mine asked if he could give my email address and/or resume to recruiters at Google. Google set aside half of a day for engineers to look for resumes and contact friends who might be the type of person good would like to hire. I’d been happy with my current job so I was hesitant but I relented and said he coul... [More]
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Google conducts interviews that are different from other American and European companies (Google Interview: What to Expect). The best way for a prospective employee to prepare is to become familiar with the interview format before sitting down in the interviewee's seat. The interview day lasted from 10am to 4pm and consisted of 5 inter... [More]
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This a follow-up to my previous post about my interview process with Google. Once a post gets as long as that one did, I’m sure to forget to say some things. Rather than updating that post, I thought I had enough new to say to warrant a new post. First is the picture I got of their development process. There are plenty of other places on th... [More]
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A few months ago I received an e-mail from a recruiter at Google asking for an opportunity to talk to me about available development positions. Needless to say, I was pretty excited. I’m fairly happy in my current job, but–it’s GOOGLE. You don’t say no to an interview opportunity at Google. I’m writing this account i... [More]
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Many factors are weighed in during an interview. Technical proficiency and problem solving skills are usually pretty high up there. The ability to communicate and interact with people is also a must. Those factors pretty much sum up a huge portion of the hiring criteria. One smaller, but sometimes important factor is style of dress. What is ac... [More]
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It was a little more than three months ago that I was contacted by a “talent scout” from a little-known internet company called “Google”. She had run across my profile at LinkedIn.com, which led her to my resume. She evidently enjoyed it, so she sent me an email asking if I was interested in joining their team. I was... [More]
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Saw on in my feed stream today a post by an ex-Plaxo, Adam Lasnik. He’s now at Google and posted up a few tips about interviewing there, prompted by another Googler (I think his name is Mike Knell according to his Flickr account?) who posted up some thoughts as well. I used to get e-mail by a ton of people looking for Google interviewin... [More]
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A reader asks: "I'm about to go through the google interview process... was curious if there were any resources that you thought *did* help - lots of sites purport to have sample interview questions, but I was curious if one had better info that the others..." Before my two interviews, the recruiter had e-mailed the name of... [More]
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It’s been over a month since I had my first phone interview with Google, but I’ve finally got a second one set up for Monday the 19th. It took more than a few emails to prompt the recruiter to do this, but I’m glad that it’s finally happening. Most companies are wrapping up their intern hiring by this time, so I wante... [More]
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I was a man of 20, 21 again. I had somehow tapped into this previously unknown vigor within me. I felt like I was in college again, my mind buzzing, steeped in that final exams mentality. I skipped meals, stayed home on Fridays, woke up early on Saturdays. I hit the coffee shops, the book stores, and read sections of my old dusty textbooks bef... [More]
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I've now been at Google for, wow, 11 whole months! I thought I'd write down some stuff I really wish I'd known when I started, and especially some things about the interview process. Disclaimer: This is my personal blog, and these views are mine, and not those of my employer. Don't worry too much about what to wear when in... [More]
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As promised, here follows what I hope will be an interesting overview of my interview experience as an intern candidate at Google, Microsoft and Apple. Google My interview at Google was probably the most unusual of the bunch. A long time ago (Almost a year), one of my friends in the fellow reverse-engineering community contacted me a... [More]
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2/27/07 1000: I decided to send Google another request today in case my first one wasn’t clear enough: This is my second attempt to contact you. I am the CIO of an organization with 11,000 users. Can someone contact me about the feasibility of migrating from our existing Exchange 5.5 platform. 2/27/07 1030: I received this email from ... [More]
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This will be another short update--it's not the weekend, so not the time for my usual update. However, I know people will ask how my phone interview with Google went--so rather than dealing with those as they come up, I figured I'd beat people to the punch and just post a short entry about it. Unfortunately I haven't goaded them in... [More]
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This pleasant surprise was waiting for me in my inbox when I came back from class earlier tonight: Tyler: Your first interview went well! We will now begin the process of matching your experience and preferences with groups within Google who are looking for interns this summer. Once we find a match, we’ll set up your se... [More]
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I write this to remember for myself, but also because interview candidates google for this kind of stuff like animals on fire, and I cannot pass up a chance at taking my readership beyond that one person. Don't expect, or ask for, specifics on any questions asked during the interview. It started with an email from a recruiter. She had se... [More]
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I seem to get asked this a lot. But only by people that have known me for awhile. Noting that, I have a warning/disclaimer: If you don't know me or you only have known me since working at Google, this is probably not what you are expecting and might be excruciatingly boring or irrelevant. (you've been warned!). The reason I get asked... [More]
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Only at Google. The company known for hiring the best and the brightest and only accepting those candidates with the highest grade point averages and SAT scores has now found an algorithm to help predict which candidates will make the best Google employees. Job applicants will now complete a detailed online survey including questions like: &ld... [More]
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Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing with Google. It was very exciting, as I've wanted to work for Google for quite some time, and they opened up a branch near my home through an acquisition recently. I wanted to share the process of interviewing with Google, not because it was particularly noteworthy, but because I wondered about ... [More]
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Just realized I do have something to add… Ok so, being a hotshot MBA (almost) and all, I applied to Google, just for the heck of it, coz they were hiring for Google India. I applied for the role of Account Manager in Delhi, and Product Manager in Bangalore. So I get a nice e-mail from the HR person in Google Bangalore saying I ... [More]
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My intention here is not to trouble Google interviewers. I was just collecting some classic puzzles and found this one and a small Google search showed me that this is a Google interview puzzle to my pleasant surprise. But many of the answers I found were either wrong or totally twisted. I am making no surety of the answer I give and I am open ... [More]
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I've gone through a Google interview recently and here's my experience.  Some details are changed to protect the innocents. :) Some background info.  I am a fairly senior developer with lots of experience in many different technical areas.  I was thinking of changing job lately and thought what the heck, let me try Goog... [More]
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My earlier writing about my attempt to get employed by Google's EU division in Dublin has triggered responses from California (USA), Turkey, Belgrade (Serbia), and two from Hungary. So here is my impression of the way Google employs new people. Do keep in mind that I did not come far in the procedure — in fact I only had one inte... [More]
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I haven’t written any blog postings in the last couple of days. That was mainly because I was preparing for interview with Google. I didn’t apply for a job there, but I went for an interview because one of Google recruiters contacted me. I have heard that Google interview process is very tough and complicated. This morning,... [More]
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The 10/23/06 "Wall Street Journal" reports that Google is revamping its hiring methods. Google is on the right track, but is sorely missing crucial pre-employment tests plus other prediction methods.  The 10/23/06 "Wall Street Journal" reports on Google revamping its hiring methods. Hiring expert Michael Mercer, P... [More]