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Google recently hitched a ride up to space with the GeoEye-1, the new imagery satellite built by the company GeoEye. Today, the company sent us a picture (above) that the new satellite snapped of the Google’s Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. While you may look at the Google Maps view of the Googleplex and think this im... [More]
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So the economy is really bad and your job might be on the line, Google is always looking for new talent. Here are 2 questions that they asked a friend of mine. What would you answer? 1. You have been shrunk down to the size of a nickel and tossed into a blender. You are told that the blender blades will start in 60 seconds.What would you d... [More]
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A good resume is worth its weight in gold. The hardest part about getting any job is getting the interview. Make a good impression first time round, and you're definitely in with a shout for the job. That's why it's important to work on your resume, and keep it continually up to date with every new development in your personal caree... [More]
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Before showing up at the interview, google the company and the person you are interviewing. It only makes sense. If you want to really impress the interviewer come prepared to ask questions about the company and the interviewer. If the interviewer blogs, read the blogs. Find any company oriented blogs via technorati or bloglines, and read t... [More]
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This is the last part of posts describing my own experience interviewing with Google. You may find the first interview here and then follow the traces until this last one. Time had already passed (almost a month) after three successive interviews with Google and this last one was most probably the critical one. I did not prepare for this as m... [More]
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This is the 3rd interview I had with Google. You can find the previous and the questions asked here: * First Google interview * Second interview In the 3rd interview I talked with a woman software engineer from Mountain View. As usually it lasted for about 45 minutes but there was a surprise waiting at the last question..But let's take ... [More]
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This continues from my first Google interview described here In overall, the second one was harder in terms of questions and expectations. I was called again from Mountain View sharply at the time we had arranged. The conversation began with an interesting question: "What would you change in the Java programming language?" This has... [More]
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The first Google interview is most likely the easiest one. I have the feeling that they normally ask general questions, just to ensure that you have some knowledge of computers and you are not just the guy who believes he deserves a place in Google because he can make nice Powerpoint presentations. At least happened in my case. A guy from ... [More]
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First off, I’ll spare you the suspense. I did NOT get offered a job at Google… but I did have a lot of fun! I was first contacted back in December by a Google talent recruiter. Mike had been in the middle of his Google interviews, so it was an exciting time. Was I interested? Definitely! There are few in the software industry... [More]
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Last time I was interviewed for a software development engineer position, the recruiter asked me some of the classical Microsoft interview questions, such as “How Would You Move Mount Fuji?” or “How many gas station are there in your country?“. It was the first time for me to be asked such questions but having obtained ... [More]
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A year ago, I interviewed with Google. Google has been my ideal employer for a while, and I greatly appreciated the opportunity and enjoyed the experience. Unfortunately, my algorithm skills were not quite up to par. I was told to work on them and interview again in a year. Based on my own analysis of how well I did with the questions, I wa... [More]
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Q: What should I expect from a phone interview with Google? I have a phone interview which I never done this kind of interview by phone. What should I expect? Learn? Prepare? Any tip may help. A: First of all, congratulations on having the opportunity to work at a top company... You must have very attractive credentials on p... [More]
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I had a phone interview with Google this morning. Overall it was a pleasant and slightly fun experience. I do not think I botched it up too badly, but I definitely do not think I had a slam dunk either. Here are the questions the Google engineer asked me in the interview: Describe pluggable abstract domains to me. This one related directly... [More]
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The following puzzle was given to me by a friend who claimed it was given in a Google interview. If you can confirm or debunk this claim just post a comment - until then I am sure the headline will generate some traffic . The original question as it was given to me was: Given an array with 2n+1 integer elements, n elements appear twice in... [More]
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I sat in the waiting room with one other applicant. He was older than me by about ten years. Judging by our clothes, it was clear that we were taking different approaches to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He dressed professionally. Black suit, white shirt, striped tie. His dress shoes were polished, and their shine matched well with ... [More]
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Stephen Wynkoop posted an interesting question regarding social networks last week on sswug.org.  Basically he is curious if people are using social networking sites to help make hiring decisions.  Here is what he had to say ... I had an interesting question posed today.  The gist of it was that someone was inte... [More]
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“We don't just want you to have a great job. We want you to have a great life. We provide you with everything you need to be productive and happy on and off the clock.” Larry Page, Google Co-founder Stanford University Hiring process Job search The process begins with searching for a job opening that interests you... [More]
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So the economy is really bad and your job might be on the line, Google is always looking for new talent. Here are 2 questions that they asked a friend of mine. What would you answer? 1. You have been shrunk down to the size of a nickel and tossed into a blender. You are told that the blender blades will start in 60 seconds.What would you do ... [More]
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Interesting digg on Google's messed up hiring process. Can't help but sympathize with some of those guys, especially after hearing the tale of a friend (from school): This guy goes through the the usual process (for a developer's position) - lotsa prepping, anxiety, sweating, mental stress, and tons & tons of tricky questions th... [More]
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First, let's make it clear: I never worked at Google, but the following post is the result of my extensive research of google's interview process. This is my version of their interviewer guide, and I can't promise that it is totally accurate. Google's interview process is build around the idea that the candidate must never know or... [More]
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Google meeting informal, meeting gondola, meeting room pictures…   Google pictures: Relax room, restaurent, microkitchen, gym and others… Google rest room ... [More]
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I have realized that I have a perfect recipe to passing a Google interview. It's not easy, but if you do it, you have 95% or more chance of success. The good thing is that the result is portable - you will be equally employable by Microsoft, as well as most other good software companies. Here it is. Read and do all exercises in the fo... [More]
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Among many IT professionals, working at Google is seen as a dream job. And no wonder. The burgeoning company is a driving force in Internet development. Its Web-based word processing app, Writely, sends a shiver of nervousness through Microsoft. Its Adsense program is changing e-commerce. And its acquisition of YouTube earned grudging admir... [More]
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Free cafeteria food, annual ski trips to the Sierras and free laundry are just some of the fringe benefits of working at Google. Getting hired is the trick. Every month, aspiring workers deluge the popular Mountain View, Calif., search engine with up to 150,000 resumes -- equivalent to a stack of paper at least 50 feet high. And the compan... [More]
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It's not that unusual for non-disclosure agreements to include a provision that the agreement itself is not to be disclosed. But one expects more of Google, an internet giant which at least preaches virtue. Visitors to the search engine company's Mountain View campus are automatically given a non-disclosure agreement upon arrival. The N... [More]
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Tomorrow I am going to interview over at Google. Before I do so, I need to sign an NDA which states, among other things, that I'm not allowed to tell anyone I'm interviewing over there, or indeed, to mention the name of Google at all. So I'm going to do all that now and get it out of my system, so I'm not tempted to violate the ... [More]
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The New York Times reports that Google engineers try to improve finding good job candidates by assigning an automated quality score to applications. Maybe that’s not a bad idea if you receive over 100,000 job applications every single month; the NYT reports that the past hiring process often took months to consider candidates, and judging g... [More]
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Hi, Here are ten things you can brush up on that *might* help Sort Algorithms The big O (efficiency) When in doubt use hash tables A queue (FILO) and a stack (FIFO) can be made from each other. Refactoring Strategy Pattern Strong and weak references Lazy loading Collections Boiler plate code
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Before the interview Your objectives To obtain information about the company/position to see if you would like to continue with the interview process To successfully answer the interview questions and prove that you are worthy of a face-to-face interview To appropriately “close” the interview (express your interest and... [More]
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