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Questions I was asked for Adwords Representative Interview Give me a runthrough of your resume? What do you know about Google? What do you know about Adwords? What do you understand about your job profile? How you fit into that role? Are you willing to give up the role of a team leader and creative writer to be an A... [More]
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What gives you Joy? If you are a passionate programmer your answer would differ from the masses :  Concatenating “J”+”o”+”y”. And that’s what Google is hunting for.Within a decade of its existence, Google has become one of the most respected and Innovative company of the modern times. Today we use... [More]
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I once had an opportunity of being interviewed at Google. Though I fear if I can share the questions here, I feel I can share the experience. Note: This has been a long time back in 2009After I applied to Google, I got a call from them after about a month time. The HR scheduled telephonic interview and they really went well. Since I have done far b... [More]
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So I decided to compile a list containing all the interview questions (some with my version of the answer) I could find for the Associate Product Manager and Product Manager position for Google.Before I post them, here is a little something I found.Google is aware of these questions (they must be since I used them to find these questions)... [More]
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What definitely it does, that job in Google so impalpable? News, articles consistently show get a job at Google is not a simple task, and be informed about the process and be prepared for rejection.The initial application process is quite simple, just Google ‘Google of jobs’, and from there you will be brought to the main international ... [More]
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It was hard to follow tech news this week without getting icky lawyer-stuff all over you. AT&T filed suit against Verizon, Intel got sued by New York State, an alleged cable modem hacker got indicted, and EMI sued to stop a tiny music Web site from sharing The Beatles' love. Also: A former high-tech CEO looks for better position in D.C.... [More]
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Google's recruiters are infamous in the Valley for dismissing Ivy-free applications* and posing highly technical brainteasers** during interviews. But apparently these "past results do not necessarily guarantee future performance," according to none other than Googlers themselves. Tech Chronicles wrote last month about the growi... [More]
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Comparison of Internet searches for "Google interview questions" vs. "Microsoft interview questions." Source: Google Insights for Search, December 2008 to November 2009
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Google strives to hire “the world’s best engineers,“and has crafted an “interminable” interview process dotted with puzzles and brainteasers to do so.That’s according to Peter Norvig Google’s director of research.What Google interview process also involves is a set of  crazy questions and asking tho... [More]
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I just got done reading the Google Interview Questions over at Gizmodo and came to only one conclusion about them, and it is the same problem I have with most “clever” interview questions. Why bother? What does this tell you about the candidate? Can they perform under pressure? Can they think on their feet? Do ... [More]
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How can you go wrong with a jacket and tie, or a nice suit? Be well groomed, look your best, and dont think that its old fashioned and out of style. first impressions are the most lasting ones. you may be the most qualified, but if you show up looking like Smeagle from the Lord of the Rings or one of those orcs, i dont think you are gong to get... [More]
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OK, I’ve had enough. People, seriously. If you are retarded, then Google doesn’t want you to work for them. Duh. I just read this poor girl’s account of an interview: The Interview Well, they asked her a question (according to her). About how much money AdWords pulls in a day. Hmmm. It’s Google. What do you thin... [More]
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Google came to Syracuse’s campus to recruit new graduates when I was a senior.  I attended the information session and learned which jobs I could qualify for.  I created a fancy cover letter and resume, crossed my fingers and e-mailed them my documents.  One week later I had an email in my inbox from Google.  Googl... [More]
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Ryan Tate of Silicon Valley Insider quotes Google's director of research Peter Norvig: One of the interesting things we've found, when trying to predict how well somebody we've hired is going to perform when we evaluate them a year or two later, is one of the best indicators of success within the company was getting the wors... [More]
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Google Interview Questions: Product Marketing Manager Why do you want to join Google? What do you know about Google's product and technology? If you are Product Manager for Google's Adwords, how do you plan to market this? What would you say during an AdWords or AdSense product seminar? Who are Google competito... [More]
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Interviewed Apr 2009 in Dublin, County Dublin (took 4+ weeks) Applied online, after which it took about a month for Google to get back to me regarding interviews. First interview with recruiter who did a background check after which she informed me of two additional interviews: the interviewers were from the same market; one of them wa... [More]
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I interviewed at Google for a full-time Software Engineering position after graduation. As I informed the recruiter that I had a pending offer already, they skipped the initial interview and brought me in for a full-day interview. I met with 5 engineers: two 45 minute interviews, an hour lunch, and two more 45 minute interviews. There ... [More]
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Question: Binary Search Tree Validity Write a function to determine whether a given binary tree of distinct integers is a valid binary search tree. Assume that each node contains a pointer to its left child, a pointer to its right child, and an integer, but not a pointer to its parent. You may use any language you like. Good Answer: Note t... [More]
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You have five pirates, ranked from 5 to 1 in descending order. The top pirate has the right to propose how 100 gold coins should be divided among them. But the others get to vote on his plan, and if fewer than half agree with him, he gets killed. How should he allocate the gold in order to maximize his share but live to enjoy it? (Hint: O... [More]
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Question: Substring Write a program to determine whether an input string x is a substring of another input string y. (For example, "bat" is a substring of "abate", but not of "beat".) You may use any language you like. Sample Answer (in C++): bool hasSubstring(const char *str, const char *find) { if (... [More]
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Question: Deck Shuffling Given an array of distinct integers, give an algorithm to randomly reorder the integers so that each possible reordering is equally likely. In other words, given a deck of cards, how can you shuffle them such that any permutation of cards is equally likely? Good answer: Go through the elements in order, swapping ea... [More]
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Classic Question #4: Reversing the words in a string Write a function to reverse the order of words in a string in place. Answer: Reverse the string by swapping the first character with the last character, the second character with the second‐to‐last character, and so on. Then, go through the string looking for spaces, so that you find wher... [More]
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Classic Question #1: Coin Puzzle You have 8 coins which are all the same weight, except for one which is slightly heavier than the others (you don't know which coin is heavier). You also have an old‐style balance, which allows you to weigh two piles of coins to see which one is heavier (or if they are of equal weight). What is the fewe... [More]
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1. Please describe a data structure that accomplishes the functions INSERT and FIND-MEDIAN in the best possible asymptotic time. 2. Given a circularly sorted array, describe the fastest way to locate the largest element. 3. Given a binary search tree and an integer k, describe the most efficient way to locate two nodes of the tree that su... [More]
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You have to get from point A to point B. You don’t know if you can get there. What would you do? Imagine you have a closet full of shirts. It’s very hard to find a shirt. So what can you do to organize your shirts for easy retrieval? What method would you use to look up a word in a dictionary? Every man in a village of 1... [More]
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I’m up for a Java position, and the HR guy told me it’ll be Java focused. I know it’ll be a cross between Java trivia and basic CS stuff, but I was wondering if anyone had further details. For instance, will EJBs be covered, or toolkits and the like, or will the interviewer rather focus on SE? Should I expect ball-breaker CS q... [More]
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All the below questions are to be done in O(n) time complexity. 1>Given an array of size n-1 whose entries are integers in the range [1, n], find an integer that is missing. Use only O(1) space and treat the input as read-only. 2>Given an array of size n-2 whose entries are integers in the range [1, n], find two integer that are mis... [More]
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Yes! Goran got his interview back to me today, and I’ll post it now since I won’t be playing air hockey this week (I think I may have told peeps I’d be playing Thursday… I am mistaken again… I forgot I made other plans). Goran is a great guy I hope to have more conversations with.. he’s the first ... [More]
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I have an interview with Google senior management in London in the following weeks and I was wondering what is the dress code on such an interview at the most fancy company nowadays. Please understand that the role I'm interviewing for is NOT a development role so I can't afford to go in a mistake that only developers can. It... [More]
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Tomorrow at noon I’ll have my interview with Google. I went through a great deal of effort to be as prepared for this interview as I could be. I poured over my resume, I researched practice questions, I had friends and family run me through mock interviews. Let me share some of the things I learned, and tell you about some of the things I... [More]