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Interview questions asked by Google Recruitment team after qualifying the first on-campus round comprising a written exam:Round 1:1) Given a database, a query returns correct output 99% of the time, however 1% of the time, it returns wrong output. What could be the possible reasons?2) On a 2-D grid, the positions (x,y) of 3 persons are given. ... [More]
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A friend of mine is interviewing for a job. One of the interview questions got me thinking, just wanted some feedback. There are 2 non-negative integers: i and j. Given the following equation, find an (optimal) solution to iterate over i and j in such a way that the output is sorted. 2^i * 5^j So the first few rounds would look like this: 2^0 * 5^... [More]
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We've moved to http://intearview.com/! So please update your rss subscriptions (those who subscribed through feedburner - the url remains the same http://feeds.feedburner.com/GoogleInterview).   Thanks and see you again, Intearview Team
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  Background: I'm a hiring manager for sysadmins, tech support people, and the occasional front-line manager thereof, and have worked in and interviewed for those positions most of my career, except for a brief stint driving trains -- of which the interview phase was surprisingly valuable in giving me an alternate view of how interviewing... [More]