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There is a matrix, m x n. Several groups of people locate at some certain spots. In the following example, there are three groups and the number 4 indicates there are four people in this group. Now we want to find a meeting point in the matrix so that the cost of all groups moving to that point is the minimum. As for how to compute the cost of movi... [More]
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For starters, don't just automatically act all "Game Over, man!" when you hit a dead end! Also, it helps to try to keep talking as you come up with an answer, because silence is very uncomfortable for both you and the interviewer!   There are companies that deal with numbers that will ask you some math questions. These are the kind o... [More]
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There were 3 rounds of interview.In the first round they asked s string related question.1. Given a string and set of characters, find the shortest substring which contains all the characters in the string.In the 2nd round2.Given a 2d sorted matrix (known as tableau) . where rows and cols are sorted, write an algo to find an element.In the 3rd roun... [More]