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Given 2n points on a circle.find the number of ways to draw n non intersecting chords.
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  You have 1 to N-1 array and 1 to N numbers, and one number is missing, you need to find the missing the number. Now you have 1 to N-2 numbers, and two numbers missing. Find them. Solution:The question can be elucidated as follows.Given an array of size N-1 containing numbers less than N and with out any duplicates!! We knew that there is a n... [More]
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Interviewing at Google bucked Wes Bos' pre-conceived notions of what an ideal candidate is. The web developer thought Google wanted someone with a degree in computer science and only hires guys who can program in many languages. But to his surprise, Google showed interest in him. On his blog, Bos wrote about what it was like to go th... [More]
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  Many individuals dream of working in Google, experiencing the helpful and also wide open functioning habitat and also a number of large benefits. As a reason of this, folks had written many stories about several tangible Google interview questions and google choosing process. A few of the reports may be genuine, while many different tend to ... [More]