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Hi Rohan, Sorry about the delay in responding, I was out of town on the long weekend. I really appreciate you contacting me. Although the position offered in Paris was really appealing, after much deliberation I have chosen to go on for a PhD in Machine Learning. I am, however, interested by research internships with Google (US ... [More]
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Question Come out with an algorithm for getting the column number provided the column name in a excel sheet and vice versa. Excel has a naming convention of A,B..Z,AA,AB,AC..ZZ,AAA… This had to be converted to the column numbers. A will be 1 and AA will 27.. Also the algorithm to find the name provided column number.   ... [More]
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Yesterday, word broke that Google is looking for a new "head of social." A couple months back, Google reached out to a source of ours in the industry for the job.  Curious "to see what the famous Google interview process was like," our guy told Google he'd talk to them about the job. In the end,... [More]
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2dMmdewRxE&feature=player_embedded Want to apply for a job at Google? Fitz and Ben from Google’s Chicago office share useful tips that might help get your résumé noticed by the hiring managers at Google. One of the key things they stress upon in this video is open-source. If you... [More]