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Questions I was asked for Adwords Representative Interview Give me a runthrough of your resume? What do you know about Google? What do you know about Adwords? What do you understand about your job profile? How you fit into that role? Are you willing to give up the role of a team leader and creative writer to be an A... [More]
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What gives you Joy? If you are a passionate programmer your answer would differ from the masses :  Concatenating “J”+”o”+”y”. And that’s what Google is hunting for.Within a decade of its existence, Google has become one of the most respected and Innovative company of the modern times. Today we use... [More]
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I once had an opportunity of being interviewed at Google. Though I fear if I can share the questions here, I feel I can share the experience. Note: This has been a long time back in 2009After I applied to Google, I got a call from them after about a month time. The HR scheduled telephonic interview and they really went well. Since I have done far b... [More]