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Google strives to hire “the world’s best engineers,“and has crafted an “interminable” interview process dotted with puzzles and brainteasers to do so.That’s according to Peter Norvig Google’s director of research.What Google interview process also involves is a set of  crazy questions and asking tho... [More]
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I just got done reading the Google Interview Questions over at Gizmodo and came to only one conclusion about them, and it is the same problem I have with most “clever” interview questions. Why bother? What does this tell you about the candidate? Can they perform under pressure? Can they think on their feet? Do ... [More]
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How can you go wrong with a jacket and tie, or a nice suit? Be well groomed, look your best, and dont think that its old fashioned and out of style. first impressions are the most lasting ones. you may be the most qualified, but if you show up looking like Smeagle from the Lord of the Rings or one of those orcs, i dont think you are gong to get... [More]
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OK, I’ve had enough. People, seriously. If you are retarded, then Google doesn’t want you to work for them. Duh. I just read this poor girl’s account of an interview: The Interview Well, they asked her a question (according to her). About how much money AdWords pulls in a day. Hmmm. It’s Google. What do you thin... [More]
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Google came to Syracuse’s campus to recruit new graduates when I was a senior.  I attended the information session and learned which jobs I could qualify for.  I created a fancy cover letter and resume, crossed my fingers and e-mailed them my documents.  One week later I had an email in my inbox from Google.  Googl... [More]