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You have to get from point A to point B. You don’t know if you can get there. What would you do? Imagine you have a closet full of shirts. It’s very hard to find a shirt. So what can you do to organize your shirts for easy retrieval? What method would you use to look up a word in a dictionary? Every man in a village of 1... [More]
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I’m up for a Java position, and the HR guy told me it’ll be Java focused. I know it’ll be a cross between Java trivia and basic CS stuff, but I was wondering if anyone had further details. For instance, will EJBs be covered, or toolkits and the like, or will the interviewer rather focus on SE? Should I expect ball-breaker CS q... [More]
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All the below questions are to be done in O(n) time complexity. 1>Given an array of size n-1 whose entries are integers in the range [1, n], find an integer that is missing. Use only O(1) space and treat the input as read-only. 2>Given an array of size n-2 whose entries are integers in the range [1, n], find two integer that are mis... [More]
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Yes! Goran got his interview back to me today, and I’ll post it now since I won’t be playing air hockey this week (I think I may have told peeps I’d be playing Thursday… I am mistaken again… I forgot I made other plans). Goran is a great guy I hope to have more conversations with.. he’s the first ... [More]
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I have an interview with Google senior management in London in the following weeks and I was wondering what is the dress code on such an interview at the most fancy company nowadays. Please understand that the role I'm interviewing for is NOT a development role so I can't afford to go in a mistake that only developers can. It... [More]
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Tomorrow at noon I’ll have my interview with Google. I went through a great deal of effort to be as prepared for this interview as I could be. I poured over my resume, I researched practice questions, I had friends and family run me through mock interviews. Let me share some of the things I learned, and tell you about some of the things I... [More]
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If you are interviewing for a new job you will significantly improve your chances if you avoid eight deadly errors. Some people lose a job before they even get it, simply because they handle themselves poorly during the interview. When your chance comes, you will want to put your best foot forward. To help you do that, remember these eight ... [More]
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If you’ve gotten through the first job interview and you’re moving on toward the second one, the odds of being hired have just gone up. With that in mind, you really want to be prepared for that second job interview. The questions will be tougher and things will be more complex in a second interview. Make sure that you dress appropr... [More]