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Google is famous for its hard interview questions . When I lived in the USA I used to listen to Car Talk on NPR, a radio show that had its own hard weekly questions in its "puzzler" segment.. When I was browsing the Car Talk web site I saw their hardest "puzzler" . A hundred prisoners are each locked in a... [More]
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Hey guys, have you seen such interview before? American president tries to be hired by Google. It sounded very interesting to me. It even includes an interview question about sort algorithms! (It also related to some of the issues brought up in the early hours of last Beery Friday)
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Phone Interviews The first two phone interviews were back-to-back and lasted 45 minutes each with a 15 minute break in-between. Both interviews had a mix of questions pertaining to programming, algorithm design, work term experiences, school projects and fundamental programming and computing concepts. The interviews were well-rounded and h... [More]
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All the below questions are to be done in O(n) time complexity. 1>Given an array of size n-1 whose entries are integers in the range [1, n], find an integer that is missing. Use only O(1) space and treat the input as read-only. 2>Given an array of size n-2 whose entries are integers in the range [1, n], find two integer that are m... [More]