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Read previous part I and part II. The reception area was, predictably, decorated in Google’s funky decor: from the multicoloured chairs you weren’t exactly sure how to sit on, to the lava lamps churning away in Google’s colours. Behind the receptionist on the wall was a giant Google logo and projected over the top was a ... [More]
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1. Reverse a singly linked list // // iterative version // Node* ReverseList( Node ** List ) { Node *temp1 = *List; Node * temp2 = NULL; Node * temp3 = NULL; while ( temp1 ) { *List = temp1; //set the head to last node temp2= temp1->pNext; // save the next ptr in temp2 temp1->pNext = temp3; // change next to privous t... [More]
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Find previous part here. In my holidays I’d gotten to see some of the fruits of my 35 graduate applications made earlier in the year. The demand is high, yes, but for skilled labour, not us university grads. Especially not those who are travelling to Europe for a month, or 8. Employers love well rounded graduates, as long as they get... [More]
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I’ve been making an attempt to be environmentally-friendly/green/eco-responsible recently, whatever you call it. I’ve been driving better, exercising and studying in my free time. The self improvement isn’t due to increased social responsibility, self esteem or motivation. Its not peer opinion and isn’t even financially... [More]