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I didn’t apply for a job position at Google, but a recruiter from them contacted me. I told the recruiter that I wasn’t interested, and that it would be extremely hard to convince me to move away from my current job. I told them that I would not be able to work in certain areas for a while (due to my current position at a competito... [More]
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A couple years ago, there were some HR trolls or maybe some some resume bots that figured out that I went to MIT and that I was a software engineer from my blog (yes, this one). A recruiter from Google emailed me asking me whether I'd be interested in a position at Google. Um yes, isn't that every software developer's dream? That i... [More]
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I’m mostly happy with my day job. Actually not mostly, I’M HAPPY with my day job. Therap is a fun place to work for Software Developers in Bangladesh, and it has a unique culture which is seldom seen, specially in IT industries in Bangladesh. So unless I feel like juggling with my career, or someone from Mars offers me a job with a ... [More]