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2/27/07 1000: I decided to send Google another request today in case my first one wasn’t clear enough: This is my second attempt to contact you. I am the CIO of an organization with 11,000 users. Can someone contact me about the feasibility of migrating from our existing Exchange 5.5 platform. 2/27/07 1030: I received this email from ... [More]
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This will be another short update--it's not the weekend, so not the time for my usual update. However, I know people will ask how my phone interview with Google went--so rather than dealing with those as they come up, I figured I'd beat people to the punch and just post a short entry about it. Unfortunately I haven't goaded them in... [More]
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This pleasant surprise was waiting for me in my inbox when I came back from class earlier tonight: Tyler: Your first interview went well! We will now begin the process of matching your experience and preferences with groups within Google who are looking for interns this summer. Once we find a match, we’ll set up your se... [More]
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I write this to remember for myself, but also because interview candidates google for this kind of stuff like animals on fire, and I cannot pass up a chance at taking my readership beyond that one person. Don't expect, or ask for, specifics on any questions asked during the interview. It started with an email from a recruiter. She had se... [More]