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Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing with Google. It was very exciting, as I've wanted to work for Google for quite some time, and they opened up a branch near my home through an acquisition recently. I wanted to share the process of interviewing with Google, not because it was particularly noteworthy, but because I wondered about ... [More]
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Just realized I do have something to add… Ok so, being a hotshot MBA (almost) and all, I applied to Google, just for the heck of it, coz they were hiring for Google India. I applied for the role of Account Manager in Delhi, and Product Manager in Bangalore. So I get a nice e-mail from the HR person in Google Bangalore saying I ... [More]
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My intention here is not to trouble Google interviewers. I was just collecting some classic puzzles and found this one and a small Google search showed me that this is a Google interview puzzle to my pleasant surprise. But many of the answers I found were either wrong or totally twisted. I am making no surety of the answer I give and I am open ... [More]
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I've gone through a Google interview recently and here's my experience.  Some details are changed to protect the innocents. :) Some background info.  I am a fairly senior developer with lots of experience in many different technical areas.  I was thinking of changing job lately and thought what the heck, let me try Goog... [More]