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I haven’t written any blog postings in the last couple of days. That was mainly because I was preparing for interview with Google. I didn’t apply for a job there, but I went for an interview because one of Google recruiters contacted me. I have heard that Google interview process is very tough and complicated. This morning,... [More]
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The 10/23/06 "Wall Street Journal" reports that Google is revamping its hiring methods. Google is on the right track, but is sorely missing crucial pre-employment tests plus other prediction methods.  The 10/23/06 "Wall Street Journal" reports on Google revamping its hiring methods. Hiring expert Michael Mercer, P... [More]
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If you want to get hired at Google (Nasdaq GOOG), expect 1) 5 interviews with staff members "each candidate offered a job by Google went through 5.1 in-person interviews on average in June, down from 6.2 at the beginning of the year. (A veteran tech recruiter says five to eight interviews is probably about average for Silicon Valley... [More]
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My hands are still shaking while I announce that I just got a phone call from Google Ireland Ltd. The lady, a Recruitment Coordinator of Google Ireland, told me that I had passed a test that I had submitted two days ago. I had expected an e-mail as response, so I was shocked to get a phone call, and so swiftly. There will be a real job i... [More]