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Tuesday I had a very interesting telephone interview with Google. I had sent my resume to Google a few weeks ago - not because I really wanted to work for Google but rather I was really bored at work and was curious to see if I would get noticed. I guess I did and that was surprising. The interview was scheduled via e-mail for Tuesday at... [More]
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Apropos of Mr. Jeff Barr’s experience with Google, I too found Google rather GPA-centric. I was directed to a position in their advertising department by a friend for an entry-level AdWords position. A day later I was contacted by the recruiter and followed that up with a phone interview (presumably to make sure I wasn’t a weirdo/psycho... [More]
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Back in october 2005, i interviewed with google, for a position with google print. my interview was over 2 days, on 10/12/2005 and 10/13/2005. i didn’t do much to prepare for the interview, except read-up on all the google print controversy regarding the n lawsuits against google print. unlike most companies that fly their candidates out... [More]