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There is nothing like the feeling of elation after you know you ace'd your interview.   Or, maybe you gave it your best shot but fell short.   Either way or in between, this is the perfect place, to share your experience.  Take a few minutes to answer any or all of the questions below in the comments section.   All comments will... [More]
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The Googleinterview process is Infamous for it’s mind boggling and creative methods to test new candidates. Here are two I’ve selected for you to first try to solve yourself, then see Google’s perfect answer. Q. How many golf balls will fit in a Mini? A. We will use a new mini opposed to a classic mini shape. It is shorter than a ... [More]
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When you are preparing for an interview, you think about what you'll wear, the people you'll meet, and what they'll expect of you when you arrive. As an ambitious student trying to get that "dream job" out of college, I was faced with these questions. IT is competitive for the job seeker, and for someone who is fresh out of school with little exper... [More]
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A short interview with Google employees about working there.www.youtube.com/watch?v=knAyZ4jsCYE
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When shooting in NYC you have to make the most of small spaces. Luckily Google’s offices are extremely creative and the background is always fun. Here I had to spread out on a small table to achieve the optimal distance from the subject.
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Interview questions asked by Google Recruitment team after qualifying the first on-campus round comprising a written exam:Round 1:1) Given a database, a query returns correct output 99% of the time, however 1% of the time, it returns wrong output. What could be the possible reasons?2) On a 2-D grid, the positions (x,y) of 3 persons are given. ... [More]
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A friend of mine is interviewing for a job. One of the interview questions got me thinking, just wanted some feedback. There are 2 non-negative integers: i and j. Given the following equation, find an (optimal) solution to iterate over i and j in such a way that the output is sorted. 2^i * 5^j So the first few rounds would look like this: 2^0 * 5^... [More]
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We've moved to http://intearview.com/! So please update your rss subscriptions (those who subscribed through feedburner - the url remains the same http://feeds.feedburner.com/GoogleInterview).   Thanks and see you again, Intearview Team
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  Background: I'm a hiring manager for sysadmins, tech support people, and the occasional front-line manager thereof, and have worked in and interviewed for those positions most of my career, except for a brief stint driving trains -- of which the interview phase was surprisingly valuable in giving me an alternate view of how interviewing... [More]
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There is a matrix, m x n. Several groups of people locate at some certain spots. In the following example, there are three groups and the number 4 indicates there are four people in this group. Now we want to find a meeting point in the matrix so that the cost of all groups moving to that point is the minimum. As for how to compute the cost of movi... [More]
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For starters, don't just automatically act all "Game Over, man!" when you hit a dead end! Also, it helps to try to keep talking as you come up with an answer, because silence is very uncomfortable for both you and the interviewer!   There are companies that deal with numbers that will ask you some math questions. These are the kind o... [More]
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There were 3 rounds of interview.In the first round they asked s string related question.1. Given a string and set of characters, find the shortest substring which contains all the characters in the string.In the 2nd round2.Given a 2d sorted matrix (known as tableau) . where rows and cols are sorted, write an algo to find an element.In the 3rd roun... [More]
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Given 2n points on a circle.find the number of ways to draw n non intersecting chords.
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  You have 1 to N-1 array and 1 to N numbers, and one number is missing, you need to find the missing the number. Now you have 1 to N-2 numbers, and two numbers missing. Find them. Solution:The question can be elucidated as follows.Given an array of size N-1 containing numbers less than N and with out any duplicates!! We knew that there is a n... [More]
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Interviewing at Google bucked Wes Bos' pre-conceived notions of what an ideal candidate is. The web developer thought Google wanted someone with a degree in computer science and only hires guys who can program in many languages. But to his surprise, Google showed interest in him. On his blog, Bos wrote about what it was like to go th... [More]
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  Many individuals dream of working in Google, experiencing the helpful and also wide open functioning habitat and also a number of large benefits. As a reason of this, folks had written many stories about several tangible Google interview questions and google choosing process. A few of the reports may be genuine, while many different tend to ... [More]
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Given an undirected graph, design a O(V+E) algo to detect whether there is a triangle in the graph ot not.
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Question: How to find the Least Common Ancestor for 2 nodes of a binary tree? This sounds like "On finding lowest common ancestors: simplification and parallelization", by Baruch Schieber and Uzi Vishkin, SIAM J. Comput. Vol 17, No 6, December 1988. A google search leads me tohttp://ia700208.us.archive.org/12/items/onfindinglowe00schi/onfindin... [More]
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Jim was asked following question in interview recently: Let suppose you have, following grid on Cartesian coordinate system ( Quadrant I). o - x - x - x - o | | | | | x - x - x - o - x | | | | | x - o - o - x - x where, o => person at intersection and x => no person at intersection class Point { int x; int y; boolean h... [More]
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Given a sorting order string, sort the input string based on the given sorting order string. Ex sorting order string -> dfbcae Input string -> abcdeeabc output -> dbbccaaee
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Here’s a list of 150 Google interview questions. Don't ask us where we got it from... Product Marketing ManagerWhy do you want to join Google? What do you know about Google’s product and technology? If you are Product Manager for Google’s Adwords, how do you plan to market this? What would you say during an AdWords or Ad... [More]
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It's been a while that I have been thinking to write about this amazing experience, an opportunity to have a splendid interview with the 'Angelina Jolie' of Software Companies, Google. 'nother one to add to the list of interesting adventures, life obliges me to go through. Though I was not able to reach the destination, the journey ... [More]
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You are provided with four possible operations that can be done on the editor(each operation requires 1 keyboard hit)  1. A  2. Ctrl+A  3. Ctrl+C  4. Ctrl+V Now you can hit the keyboard N times and you need to find the maximum number of A's that can be printed. Also print the sequence of keyboard hits.
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I had the pleasure of interviewing at Google for the second time just a few days ago. It was for a SET (software engineer in test) position in Mountain View. I feel the need to write down what the experience was like for me as a second timer, how it was different from the first time, how I think I did and how I think I can improve myself a... [More]
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Every man in a village of 100 married couples has cheated on his wife. Every wife in the village instantly knows when a man other than her husband has cheated, but does not know when her own husband has. The village has a law that does not allow for adultery. Any wife who can prove that her husband is unfaithful must kill him that very day.... [More]
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So I’ve now completed the interview process twice with Google (once in 2007 and once in 2010), and while I’m not sure advice from someone not hired after two run-throughs is all that useful, I figured that the more information out there for those undergoing pre-Google-Interview stress, the better, so here’s how it went. ... [More]
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Hi Rohan, Sorry about the delay in responding, I was out of town on the long weekend. I really appreciate you contacting me. Although the position offered in Paris was really appealing, after much deliberation I have chosen to go on for a PhD in Machine Learning. I am, however, interested by research internships with Google (US ... [More]
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Question Come out with an algorithm for getting the column number provided the column name in a excel sheet and vice versa. Excel has a naming convention of A,B..Z,AA,AB,AC..ZZ,AAA… This had to be converted to the column numbers. A will be 1 and AA will 27.. Also the algorithm to find the name provided column number.   ... [More]
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Yesterday, word broke that Google is looking for a new "head of social." A couple months back, Google reached out to a source of ours in the industry for the job.  Curious "to see what the famous Google interview process was like," our guy told Google he'd talk to them about the job. In the end,... [More]
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2dMmdewRxE&feature=player_embedded Want to apply for a job at Google? Fitz and Ben from Google’s Chicago office share useful tips that might help get your résumé noticed by the hiring managers at Google. One of the key things they stress upon in this video is open-source. If you... [More]